Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thanksmas 2007

Thanksmas (that's a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas) 2007 was again held at Trisha & Ian Keith's house (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you). A great time was held by all. Instead of the traditional holiday meal we had Thai food from a great place in Irvine. That way no one had to have the stress of making the meal. Sounds like a good idea......but we may have to go back to the traditional fare due to prohibitive costs. It tasted absolutely wonderful though! Last year all my pictures had grandchildren only and I did do better this year to include the parents and other adults. I could still improve though - I will try to improve next year. This picture is sooooo typical of pictures with little boys and little girls. Notice the huge space between Aaron and the girls (Payton, Seattle and Savannah). It was so hilarious to see them doing that. Click here to see more pictures.

There are the grandchildrens' Gingerbread 'Houses'. They are soooo cute!

Aaron and Seattle are loving the bounce 'house'. Great exercise for them as well!

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