Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oops, he did it again..................

Okay, here we are again...... Bradley got bit and it turned into an abscess. Blah, I wish the merry-go-round of cat fights would stop. Poor guy, he does look really pathetic doesn't he? While he was 'under' we had the vet clip his hair as well. Now he looks like a sheared lamb! It was pretty matted and had a few fox tails attached to the hair, ahhhh summer! He's going to be couped up in the front porch for awhile and he is not pleased.
His new "summer" do!

This is pretty much how he has acted towards me since he came home from the vet.

Ouch....the drain.

He looks like he has "spats" on, doesn't he?
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Crystal Yoga said...

its like ewwww and awwww at the same time