Monday, May 19, 2008

Bay to Breakers Run 2008

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So...imagine my excitement when my brother told me he would be in San Francisco for four days and did I want to come see him. Wow, get to see my brother AND visit San Francisco all at the same time? Wonderful. Jim and I drove the three hours to San Francisco and met up with Brandon. We thought it would be nice to go to the Golden Gate Park where there is among other things an arboretum and a japanese tea garden. We kept running into 'Road Closed' barriers throughout this huge park. A local resident told us that the roads were closed due to the 'beta breakers' event. What?? What the heck is a 'beta breakers'? Come to find out it is this 7.5 mile run event called 'BAY TO BREAKERS'. The run starts at the Embarcadero (bay area) and ends at the Great Highway (Pacific Ocean). There were over 75,000 runners with world wide entries. This was the 97th run. Quite awesome, although we never got to see any of the things we wanted to see at the park. But we saw quite a few other things which I will post later.

Southwest Airlines also had a costume contest. This year Southwest Airlines gave out prizes to the best “California Theme” and the best “Keep it Green Theme”. These two categories were judged based on runners’ costumes representing California or how we can keep the environment healthy and green. Some outfits were really out there as you can tell from the following pictures from the 2007 entries. As soon as this years pictures are posted I will replace these. I was so busy gawking at all these crazy clothed people I totally forgot to take pictures. (duh!)




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brandon said...


That night on the news I saw a video of a damsel in distress inside a bouncy castle being carried along the route by a group of guys dressed as knights in shining armor. Too funny. I hope you can find an image of that.

I went back to the park the next day and apparently the green movement hasn’t taken complete hold yet at this event as there were crews upon crews picking up trash and dumping it into huge trucks.