Monday, August 9, 2010

Ha, didn't quite make it to a year of non posting.....

To say I've neglected my blog would be an understatement. Have had quite a year but not documented any of it. What does that say about me? Lazy....uninterested....boring? None of those apply. Just busy in life and all it's aspects.

*Sigh* So sorry I've not paid attention to you dear blog but now you will get the busiest catch up posts so you don't feel so neglected.

I have lived in northern California for over ten years now and have never been to the local cardboard boat races that have been held in the little man-made lake nearby. And, yes you read that correctly...cardboard boat races in WATER. I had my doubts but after witnessing said races it was to say the least, a riot! They cart in the cardboard, tape, clear plastic and cutting utensils and you have everything you need to build your cardboard 'boat'. These races by the way are held only for kids. There are three classes divided by ages. Some made it to the water, some didn't quite make it off the starting line, some didn't finish and some sank. But a fun time was had by all rest assured. It was soooo hot so the dunking in the water was an instant relief from the heat. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

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Crystal said...

Hey, better late than never! I love your commitment to sharing your beautiful photography with us, so any additional blogging is a pleasant surprise :)