Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maiden voyage for TG......

So, Jim got a new (read used) kayak just recently. I've had a kayak for over 4 years and I love to just go out in the middle of any body of water and just paddle and listen. It is sooo serene to be out in the middle of a lake. It is just beautiful and has such a calming affect.

Anyway, back to TG (dog) and her maiden voyage. She really wasn't too sure of this 'thing' out on the not so stable wet surface. I think it might take a few outings to get her used to the bobbing on the water feel. But over all she did quite well for her first time out. I stayed on shore so that she understood she just couldn't jump out anytime she saw land in her immediate sight. It took a few tries in and out of the kayak before she knew it wasn't going to eat her alive. And I hope Jim never tips the kayak over or I am sure there will be more learning lessons for the poor dog before she will get comfortable again. All in all it is a great thing to kayak with your faithful dog!

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